Partner Package

Social Venture Partners

Social Media Coordinator

July 2015

A printed document that informs new SVP partners about the general FAQ of the company and what it means to be a partner.


In the past, the information package consisted of 10 pieces of loose paper placed in a folder. This was disorganized and what was included in the package was not clearly defined. New partners could lose vital pieces of information since the sheets could easily fall out.



With the Manager of Operations, we came up with some possible solutions. I proposed to create a single cohesive document that included all the original sections. This document is designed to be easily navigated by new partners. Some usability features that I focused on were:


This acts as a navigation for the document and gives a high level view of the document at a glance.


Enhanced visibility by increasing the font-weight of contact email and social media usernames for partners to seek out important information.


Colour coded each section, and maintained a constant theme. This gives a visual indication to know when a section has started and ended. This allows partners to easily identify the different topics.