C2W Music

UX Designer & Game Architect

April 2015

JamaQuiz is an interactive game that educates players about Jamaican music and was created for C2W Music.


C2W Music wanted us to create an interactive approach for users to get a better understanding of both traditional and modern music in Jamaica using artists from their company.



The user will learn about different types of music, genres and popular sections of each song in each different genre as they accomplish/complete the levels. As the player progresses through the 9 levels, there will be quiz games with many different concepts that demonstrate Jamaican music culture. Through all nine levels we intend to have the types of questions get progressively harder.


Single player: A song will be played and players will be asked to fill in the missing lyrics. When the player gets it right, he/she will advance to the next stage

Multi player: players will use 1 phone and will be given aquestions. Whoever answers most of the question correctly and fastly wins.






The playtest was an event used to showcase our working prototypes for usability and game mechanic feedback. The feedback would be produced by players that are not Global Business and Digital Arts students. This allowed the feedback to be diverse and unbiased. Some of the testers were from the Game Institute; therefore we got constructive feedback from actual developers and testers.


Since our game is a music based quiz game and the event had a lot of people we provided headphones to improve the users experience. To record the feedback and data, we decided to use QuickTime player, a phone, and a laptop. QuickTime player was used to screen record; this allows us to document how the users would navigate through the game. We used the laptop to write down the answers to the questions that we tested the players on. During the course of the event we tested around seven testers. These testers consist of two or one persons playing together or individually. This allowed us to test our game and determine whether our game was more successfully played collaboratively or individually.


We had 7 play testers with some being pairs with the majority having no trouble navigating through the interface and our menus. The suggestions what were noted were: making the song clip shorter, showing the correct answer if answered incorrectly, and including the instruction on the menu. Other suggestions were to include better button feedback, more animations, and educational facts.



After reading through the feedback and analyzing which areas would increase usability and interest of the players there were many areas of the game that we needed to change. Some aspects include colour scheme, the amount of graphics, the way certain features are presented, and the content of the game. Because we decided on large UI improvements we had to take out extra time to redesign our game and re-implement the look of it. At the same time, since our major features were implemented all we had to change was the look of the game. Some areas included the way certain things were placed and arranged such as the timer and the amount of questions in each level.