July 2016 - Present

Role: Web & Graphics Design

Company: Flipp

Flipp Finds is a blog and hub for teaching readers on ways to save money using Flipp. The blog has seasonal articles for special holidays, as well as everyday tips for general saving. My role in this project was to do the design and development. I worked closely with the marketing team to plan out the goals of the blog. The blog can be viewed at finds.flipp.com.


Flipp Finds is a way to showcase Flipp as a brand. By showcasing the lifestyle of users who use the platform, this blog is a way to reach out and market the platform further.




One challenge is the placement of different widgets. The widgets could have been placed in rows under the articles, or on the right-side sidebar beside the articles. Having the widgets under the articles would mean more screen real-estate for viewing content, but the widgets could be easily missed. On mobile, since screen real-estate is much more scarce, we decided to go this route. Placing widgets in the sidebar makes them much more prominent and accessible, but takes up a lot of screen space. This made it a great choice on desktops where screen estate is not as much of a constraint.