Social Venture Partners

Social Media Coordinator

August 2015

I designed a poster to showcase the details of SVP's family bbq event in a structured and engaging way. The event was exclusive to SVP partners, and two versions of the design were created.


The simplified version consists of a generic poster that included the event name and date, this was posted onto SVP’s social media accounts and website as a teaser to their partners. The goal of this teaser was so no fy SVP partners and allow them to save the date while the other details of the event are being finalized.


When laying out the information architecture, the goal was to be as brief and clear as possible. To do this, I focused on presenting just the title and date.



The detailed version consists of the same poster with greater detail. To ensure only partners will be coming, we sent the invitation through email.


I created the poster through a specific architecture that would allow our partners to make a decision by the logic of how people would check their availability; date, time, and then location. It is sorted by the most significant to least significant.